Electric Eddy and The Wasted Light

Don't leave lights on when you are not in the room

Watch the video to encourage children's interest in electricity.
Let children watch the videos as a reward when they have finished their work
Let students experiment with the circuit simulation
Discuss saving Eddy as a way of encouraging energy saving.

Electric Eddy and the Wasted Light

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Experiment with a working light circuit

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How a battery, light and switch circuit operates

Learn the science behind how a simple battery, light and switch electrical circuit works.

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Classroom Activities to learn more about energy saving

Ask the chilldren to count how many rooms have lights on in their house.

Ask them to count how many rooms have people in.

Work out the percentage of electricity that is not being wasted as it is not required.

If their parent's bill is £100 ask them how much money it would save if the same percentage of energy was saved.

Suggest that if they turn the lights off and save their parents that much money, they could ask them for part of the saving as increased pocket money.

A tricky question for your teacher

If we get a short circuit, can you lengthen it for me Sir.