Eddy the Electron's Educational Science Series

Help save electrons in support of Bristol Green Capital

Supporting Bristol Green Capital and Engineering Education


Our aim is to encourage energy saving in homes and businesses

100% electronic education with no paper, printing or material usage.

We hope to deliver a reduction in the electricity used in Bristol.

No cost to Bristol. Self-financing through online ads.

Future cartoons to improve children's understanding of electricity

Get educational cartoons featuring your products

If your company supply electrical or electronic products and you'd like an Eddy cartoon explaining how they work then please contact us. We will be making a range of cartoons that explain the basic engineering princples behind how different types of equipment works.

Why not help educate children and promote your products at the same time.

Our Approach


Educational science cartoons featuring Electric Eddy, an electron and his friends.

Each cartoon encourages children to switch things off and save energy.

Engaging characters make kids remember and reinforce the Save an Eddy Today message. In a humorous way of course.

An Eddy is discharged every time we leave something on.

Each story will contain


An engineering principle explained.

Strong characters in all electrons.

Modern, Cinderella style relationship between the Eddy and a child, through their mobile phone.

Energy saving and electrical safety awareness.

A social story in every episode, enough to keep even the non engineers interested.

Group physcology and tribal patterns explored between nuclear, coal and wind generated electrons.

For once each ending will follow the laws of science, no matter what the leaders, politicians or marketing men tell us.

Resources to Engage


School children or individuals can create their own cartoons in either written, software, or video formats.

1. Drawing the characters or printable graphics will allow primary aged children to make and act out stories on school tables.

2. Free software with our open source graphics and code will allow senior school children to easily create realistic episode animations.

Free resources are available with the necessary graphics so that children can easily adapt our sample story into an episode of their own. They will be learning both valuable writing skills, software programming and energy conservation lessons at the same time.

Free Resources

MMF2.5 Free Games Creation Software. Simple to build your own games or animations for PC, Web or mobile phone, without any programming.

Free, Eddy source code and graphics . Open this in MMF2.5 above to create your own Eddy animation then simply publish to PC, Web or mobile phone.

Free 3D Movie Creation Software . Make your own 3D movies with this amazing Free program.

Copywrite for the distribution of images of Eddy remains with Gary Molton.