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People who've helped or supported

Terry Newman - Script writer, award-winning writer for film, TV, radio, stage and new media and novelist.

Richard Culver - Akinema Studio 3D animation

Jackson Trent, Diane Aston-James, Jo Richmond-Coggan, Sam Flatman, Millie Wheatcroft - narration

Dr Peter Evans B.A.(Hons), Ph.D., C.Eng, MIET, MIEEE, Brunel University Department of Design, College of Engineering, Design & Physical Sciences.

Brunel University Experimental Techniques Center. Microscopy and X-ray Analysis Facilities

Jenny Gledhill - Educational advisor.

Dr Johnny Drain - Script Writer

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Supporters and endorsers

'The Bath and Bristol Young Members' Panel fully support and endorse the use of 'Electric Eddy' cartoons to help improve energy saving. The Panel consider these cartoons an invaluable tool for educating school children on the importance of conserving energy.'

- Vince Freeman, Chairman - Bath and Bristol Young Members' Panel

'The idea electrons are living creatures is an attention-getting simplification, but it does provide a great way of explaining electrical and electronic principals in a clear and entertaining manner.'

Dr Peter Evans B.A.(Hons), Ph.D., C.Eng, MIET, MIEEE,

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